blukii. The Company behind.

The Black Forest offers an ideal environment for the development of wearables because of its long traditions in the development and manufacturing of watches, jewellery and writing instruments – the basis for most wearables. Combined with inventive spirit and entrepreneurship this was the basis for blukii – an innovative kit of wearables, beacons, sensors and tags. This kit is the basis for the efficient implementation of new solutions in the areas of our lives with a promising future: Internet of Things, Smart Home, Smart Fitness, Ambient Assistant Living, Industry 4.0, Location Based Services and others.

The Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH is a family-owned business in the 3rd generation. The writing instruments we manufacture stand for quality made in Germany. This is achieved mainly through an extraordinarily high degree of vertical integration. Nearly all components are made in Germany where special attention is paid to sustainable production methods.

At Schneider tradition meets innovation, local attachment meets cosmopolitanism, down-to-earthness meets pioneering spirit, medium-sized meets start-up company, mechanics meets electronics, made in Germany meets globalisation, high degree of vertical integration meets virtual company or in general: “old economy” meets “new economy”.

blukii. ReThink it

The world is changing. Faster and faster. This affects every aspect of our life. What has always been the same is suddenly not any more. New challenges result. New solutions are needed. Everything has to be rethought again. ReThink it.

ReThink it! A new division with this task was founded in 2010: C. Schneider – New Solutions.

At C. Schneider – New Solutions the concept for the blukii kit has been developed for the future industries.

blukii. Stages

December 2009 Announcement of the new Bluetooth 4.0 / Low Energy
May 2010 Establishment of the new division C.Schneider – New Solutions
January 2011 Presentation of the first functional blukii Sensors / S at the Bluetooth SIG fair booth during the CES in Las Vegas. Blukii becomes the pioneer of the Bluetooth Smart Technology.
October 2011 First smartphone (iPhone 4 S) with integrated Bluetooth Smart Technology.
March 2013 Premiere for the world first blukii NOTEBOOK PROTECTOR for Windows (with Bluetooth Smart Dongle) and OS X at the CeBit fair in Hannover.
May 2014 Premiere of the new product blukii Beacon / H with innovative energy management at the M-Days in Frankfurt.
At the end of 2014 iOS 8 and Android L are available. Bluetooth Smart and NFC are reliable and (finally) implemented in the newest smartphones and tablets.

Numbers & facts
about Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH

Founding year September 1938
CEO Roland Schneider, Christian Schneider, Frank Groß
Employees approx. 525
Plastics processed 2.000 tons / year
Writing instruments produced 300 millions / year
Sales 50 million Euros

Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH Standorte

  • Portfolio 1
    Tennenbronn in Black Forest
  • Portfolio 1
    Wernigerode in the Harz region