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Maximum data security and maximum comfort

The same technology that has protected our money – e.g. ATM – will now also protect our data: Two-Factor Authentication with pin number and card. However, the pin number will actually be a password and the card will be the blukii Key. The blukii Key makes it possible for Two-Factor Authentication on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets and is also small and convenient to use. With the blukii Key, the second factor authentication happens automatically on the device via its integrated Bluetooth in the background – without users having to consciously go through the authentication. All users have to do is have their blukii wearable with them, whether it be the key fob, pocket pen, clip or badge – blukii takes care of the rest!

With its hands-free functionality the Two-Factor Authentication from blukii doesn’t only protect your data but also is comfortable and convenient. It is also customisable depending on each users highest priority with a choice of secure mode or convenience mode.

Secure Mode
When set to secure mode, the blukii Key can access only one app at a time. The Key is “paired” with one mobile device at a time. This process is done by the blukii Key independently from the Bluetooth smart standard via „ISO/IEC 9798-2 TWO-PASS MUTUAL AUTHENTICATION PROTOCOLs“. This way security is increased and the Key is completely independent from standard changes. Users will only have to give their 6-figure pin one time during the setting up of security mode. Starting then, all security related data is protected via Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with a symmetrical 128-Bit encryption.

Convenience Mode
When set to convenience mode, the blukii Key can connect to multiple apps on multiple devices and computers and even with doors and other security related devices. This is possible because the card isn’t paired to any device meaning no pairing code is necessary, either. As a result there is also no secure communication between the apps, mobile devices and blukii Key.

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The Bluetooth® Key – to secure data, rooms and everything important for you. The blukii Key is extremely small with a diameter of only 22 mm and a height of only 7 mm. But equipped completely with a lot of security technology (unique ID number, AES-128 cryptography), a CR2032 battery (220 mAh and battery level information) and LED.

The maximum range is 20 m. External influences can severely reduce the range. At a constant transmission interval of 0.1 / 1 / 10 seconds the battery life is approx. 10 /100 / 1000 days.

This combined with the diverse possibilities for integration into the blukii Wearables makes it to a real alternative solution to many of the existing key and card solutions.

The blukii Key App for the iPhone (iOS 8.1 and newer) is available in the App Store

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