blukii. Support.

blukii is an open hardware kit for the development of fantastic new solutions. We invite you to create your own solutions based on the numerous blukii Wearables, blukii Beacons, blukii Sensors and blukii Tags.

Our ready to sell components in the blukii kit enable the quick implementation of new and marketable solutions for software developers, non-electronic companies and entrepreneurrs. They have direct access to tested and approved components and can concentrate on the implementation of their app and on the marketing of their “New Solution”.

The growing diversity of our blukii kit goes beyond the scope of our previous hardware development kit. Create your own hardware development kit within our shop. This way you get exactly what you need for the best possible price.

blukii. Service Center

Support = product optimisation = product development = best possible customer satisfaction = best possible products

This is our simple equation for the blukii New Solutions support. Our unique blukii service center is integrated already during the development of the blukii New Solutions products whenever possible. The blukii service center delivers helpful information and optimisation potential for our product development team even during the development and testing phase. The same tools and the same team are avaiable for support – thus also for you as our customer. Even more. Their experience with our products directly improve our product development. For the most possible customer satisfaction and the best possible product.

Data monitoring allows the viewing of all important data and settings on the screen during the operation of the product. This can be compared to a diagnostic system for cars in a repair shop.

The service center gives the opportunity to set several parameters to optimise the product for special applications – which would be referred to as tuning in the vehicle sector.

Furthermore the most important functional data of the product can be protocolled during the operation of the product and can be saved as a data logfile. This logfile can be sent to our developers who can analyse it in detail.

blukii. Spare Parts & Tools.

Only if you are in need of spare parts and tools you know if your partner is really good. For example, blukii battery changer makes the battery replacement soooo easy. And the coveted blukii mini pen can be bought separately only here.

blukii battery changer

blukii battery / S

blukii battery / L

blukii mini pen

blukii ball pen refill long

blukii ball pen refill short

blukii paper block

blukii sticker / S

blukii sticker / L

blukii Spacer / S